New Procedure Corrects Foot Pain Without Orthotics

For many Americans, the pain in their hips, knees and back is a result of their fallen arches, but a new procedure may provide comfort without the risk of future complications or the use of orthotics.

Jeff Kopelman, podiatrist and founder of the Heel and Foot Pain Center of Tampa Bay is one of four physicians in Florida licensed to practice the procedure, called HyProCure.

“This new procedure is an improvement over the old method of correcting hyperpronation,” Kopelman said in a press release. “The tapered tip implant makes it easier for the podiatrist to do the procedure and do it correctly.”

In the past, people who suffered from hyperpronation may have opted for an arthroeresis procedure, which involved inserting a blunt implant to restore the obliterated gap between their ankle and heel. But the blunt tip poses complications.

“One of the problems is that the implant slides around the inside of the foot,” Kopelman said. “These patients are now experiencing more pain than they had before.”

Unlike previous arthroeresis procedures, HyProCure uses a tapered implant, stabilizing it inside the joint. Working as an interior orthotic, HyProCure’s design prevents it from irritating surrounding bones and ligaments, which also helps eliminate the patient’s pain.

“HyProCure is a permanent solution, giving patients the fashion freedom to wear any type of shoe or no shoe at all,” according to Kopelman, who recommends the procedure for anyone age 10 and up who has a flexible flat foot.

The outpatient procedure lasts 15 minutes and normal activity can resume in about 6 weeks. The procedure is FDA-approved and covered by most insurance plans.

Genetics, obesity, foot trauma or excessive standing professions can cause hyperpronation, causing the ankle to slide forward on the foot, leading to misaligned hips, knees and back problems.

“If we can properly align the foot and remove the pain, we can get our patients on track to better overall health,” says Kopelman.

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