Otto Bock HealthCare Introduces the 1M10 Adjust Foot

CHICAGO – Otto Bock HealthCare will introduce the 1M10 Adjust Foot here at the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists Annual Meeting and Symposium.

“The 1M10 was specifically designed with the needs of the K2 user in mind,” Scott Weber, U.S. market manager for Otto Bock HealthCare, told O&P Business News. “Foremost, the foot is stable with a unique multiaxial joint positioned at the load line of the foot. This multiaxial joint also allows for terrain conformance and stability on uneven surfaces.”

Clinically, Weber explained that this new design brings high tech to lower mobility grades and called special attention to the adjustable heel stiffness.

“The practitioner can select three different heel stiffness positions without special tools,” he said.

When compared to other Otto Bock feet created with the same audience in mind, the 1M10 is lighter than both the Greissinger and the 1D10, Weber said.

“The 1M10 is made from lightweight composites and also has a replaceable foot shell with two different heel heights and foot shapes,” he said.

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