Kids Mobility Network Announces Benefits Milestone

Kids Mobility Network Inc. announced that they have provided more than $1 million of community benefit to children with disabilities and their families. The Denver-based non-profit organization has been providing durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, gait trainers and other medical equipment to children with disabilities since 2006.

“The plan was to just help as many kids as we could. I didn’t anticipate that we would ramp up so quickly, but the need is great and we get applications in daily from kids all over the United States,” Peter Kopp, co-founder and advisor of Kids Mobility Network, told O&P Business News. “I’d like to get to the point where we are providing a million dollars a year or a million dollars every 3 months, worth of equipment because the demand is there.”

Since inception, Kids Mobility Network has served hundreds of children with disabilities and their families, providing several hundred pieces of durable medical equipment. They collect equipment primarily through a donation process.

“What I’ve found in the special needs community is people are generally thoughtful of helping other kids because they’ve seen it themselves,” Kopp said adding that in most cases, items are donated because children outgrow wheelchairs and other devices more quickly than adults. “We evaluate it, we recondition it, and then we pass it on to another child.”

Primarily helping children in and around the Denver area, Kopp is looking ahead on how the organization can help even more children.

“We’d love to expand the organization to other cities to better serve children in those communities because the need in Denver is exactly the same as the need in Chicago or New York or [anywhere],” he said. “The need is there, the kids are the same and we really enjoy helping them.”

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