Ohio Willow Wood Donates Prosthetic Products to Haitian Relief

Ohio Willow Wood has made several product donations this year to
organizations committed to helping amputees in Haiti in the wake of the
devastating January 2010 earthquake.

Physicians for Peace received an assortment of prosthetic products
including over 800 Alpha Liners, adult prosthetic feet, pediatric prosthetic
feet, prosthetic socks, suspension sleeves, and several suspension locks. These
products were donated and delivered directly to Physicians for Peace in
February. This was the latest large-scale product donation to the organization
from Ohio Willow Wood which has worked with Physicians for Peace since 2002.

Ohio Willow Wood donates Alpha Liners monthly to Limbs for Life. In
March 2010, the company donated six skids of prosthetic liners to Limbs for
Life earmarked for relief in Haiti. Limbs for Life is working with the
International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics, to bring much-needed
prosthetic aid to Haiti.

Ohio Willow Wood also donated prosthetic products to independent
prosthetic mission initiatives, like the Connecticut Haitian American
Organization Inc. Ohio Willow Wood donated pediatric feet and components for
use in the group’s March medical mission trip. Paul Macy, CPO, and Dave
Motycka, CP, both of New England O&P Systems, volunteered their time for
the mission and saw roughly 40 amputees during the 6-day trip.

Most recently, Ohio Willow Wood donated several adult prosthetic feet to
Wyoming Haiti Relief and their partner organization Precision Prosthetics &
Orthotics. Members of this relief team were scheduled to visit Haiti last

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