Extremity Games 5 Motocross Event Crowns Repeat Winner

Two-time X Games Gold Medalist Chris Ridgway successfully defended his
title as limb-loss motocross champion during the 5th Annual Extremity Games
(eX5) at Baja Acres motocross facility in Millington, Mich.

Ridgway won his 4th consecutive Gold Medal at the eX5 motocross event.
The win did not come easy as “Ridge” banged bars with familiar eX5
competitors like professional snocross racer Mike Schultz and X Games Silver
Medalist Jim Wazny. New to the Extremity Games roster were West-Coast racers
Todd Thompson and Beau Meier who finished second and third.

In the limb difference class, returning X Games gold and Extremity Games
bronze medalist Sampie Erasmus took gold, and newcomers Shane Shipley and Nick
Pappas took silver and bronze.

“Extremity Games has seen amazing growth over the last 5
years”, Beth Taylor eX5 executive director, said in a news release.
“This year we have had a lot of returning athletes, but a lot of new
riders as well.”

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