Team Missing Parts in Action Tackles Tallest Summit in Africa

Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA) in partnership with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) announced it is sponsoring Team Missing Parts in Action’s climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa scheduled to begin on August 2.

Sgt. Neil Duncan, a 27-year-old, a bilateral leg amputee injured in Afghanistan; Staff Sgt. Dan Nevins, a 39-year-old, a bilateral transtibial amputee injured in Iraq; and Sgt. Kirk Bauer, JD, a 62-year-old, a single transfemoral amputee injured in Vietnam comprise the team.

“After serving thousands of severely injured service members from Iraq and Afghanistan through rehabilitation sports programs for the past 7 years, our disabled veterans are now yearning for an opportunity to test their skills to the extreme, as they did in the military,” DSUSA executive director Kirk Bauer, JD, stated in a press release.

Guided by Nickson Moshi, the team plans to ascend and descend the mountain in 10 days or less.

“In 2009, I attempted a solo climb of Kilimanjaro but failed to reach the summit,” Duncan said. “Since coming off the mountain, I was determined to achieve my goal and trained diligently to prepare for this climb. As a team, I know we can make it. For me this is about more than climbing the tallest mountain in Africa, it is about proving to myself and others with disabilities, that DSUSA’s motto works, ‘If I can do this, I can do anything.’”

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