Disabled American Veterans Receive $1 Million Grant From the Harley-Davidson Foundation

Harley-Davidson Inc. awarded a $1 million grant from the Harley-Davidson
Foundation Inc. to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

“We are proud to continue our relationship with the DAV and help
the organization support veterans of all generations,” Gail Lione,
president of the Harley-Davidson Foundation, stated in a press release.
“Veterans have always been important members of the Harley-Davidson family
and partnering with the DAV is an ideal way to support them and recognize their
contributions to our country.”

The DAV MSO program increases veterans’ accessibility to benefits by
literally putting service offices on the road. Since 2007, this program
sponsored by Harley-Davidson – dubbed Harley’s Heroes – has visited
thousands of sites across the United States, providing important counseling and
assistance to help tens of thousands of veterans secure the benefits to which
they are entitled from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of
Defense, and other government agencies.

“Harley-Davidson not only represents freedom and patriotism, the
company backs up its brand and generously supports those brave men and women
whose sacrifices protect our nation,” Arthur H. Wilson, DAV
National Adjutant/chief executive officer stated. “Through the support of
the Harley-Davidson Foundation, DAV representatives have visited nearly 300
dealerships across the nation on the Harley’s Heroes tour, delivering free
benefits assistance to disabled veterans and their families through our Mobile
Service Office program. It’s hard to put into words just how much the Harley’s
Heroes program has meant to thousands of sick and wounded heroes.”

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