Three Amputee Veterans Reach Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 Days

The three veterans reached the
summit after 6 days of climbing.
Disabled Sports USA/Reed

A team of three climbers, from Disabled Sports USA’s (DSUSA)
Warfighter Sports program reached the 19,340-foot summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in
6 days in an effort to raise awareness and inspire athletes with disabilities.

The servicemen intend to send a
message of encouragement to other veterans and all people with
Disabled Sports USA/Reed

The three veteran servicemen, all missing one or both lower limbs,
reached their goal Saturday, Aug. 7, at 2 a.m. EDT, with the help of DSUSA and
the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

The three climbers are: Retired Army Sgt. Neil Duncan, a bilateral leg
amputee injured in Afghanistan; retired Army Staff Sgt. Dan Nevins, a bilateral
transtibial amputee injured in Iraq; and retired Sgt. Kirk Bauer, JD, a single
transfemoral amputee injured in Vietnam. Bauer is executive director of
Disabled Sports USA.

The Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb is part
of the Warfighter Sports Series organized by DSUSA.
Disabled Sports USA/Reed

“Our message in this climb is to both our wounded military, who
have made such a sacrifice to this great country of ours; and to people with
disabilities throughout the nation,” Bauer stated in a press release.
“If three veterans from three wars and two generations with one good leg
between them can climb the tallest mountain in Africa, then all with
disabilities can choose to be active and healthy through sports.”

The Warfighter Sports Series is a schedule of challenge sports events
that help military service members with permanent disabilities, such as
amputated limbs, spinal cord injury, visual impairment or traumatic brain
injury, reach their full potential through participation in extreme and
endurance sports.

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