OPAF First Swim Holds Clinic at ACA Conference

OPAF First Swim welcomed 25 participants to clinic at the recent Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) Conference held in Irvine, Calif. First Swim invites amputees back to the water and works to help them feel comfortable both in and around the pool. Kingsley Manufacturing sponsored First Swim this year and former OPAF board member, Lauren McVey-Harsch led the clinic with a host of volunteers including several students from the physical therapy program at North Georgia University.

OPAF First Swim OPAF First Swim
OPAF First Swim

One participant arrived unable to swim and left the event having crossed the pool several times. Other participants challenged themselves by swimming without their prostheses and working to improve their abilities in the water.

“I have to say that all instructors for the last 4 years have been knowledgeable and very helpful,” Jean Powers, a participant at the clinic, stated in a press release.

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