Otto Bock HealthCare and Leckey Announce Additional Partnership

Otto Bock HealthCare announced a new partnership with James Leckey Design. As of Nov.1 Otto Bock will be the exclusive distributor for Leckey products in the United States and Canada.

“Both companies have a strong commitment to the clinical needs of the patient,” Matt Swiggum, director of mobility solutions for Otto Bock US HealthCare, stated in a press release. “I’m energized by the opportunity to work together to improve outcomes for people, especially those with medium- to high-level positioning needs.”

Gary O’Hagan, managing director of Leckey, stated “Listening to our customers is the key to success, and Otto Bock’s team helps us reach people directly, supporting them before and after they select a product.”

Extensive training has been completed for the sales, customer service, clinical and technical support teams.

“We are ready to provide world-class support to our mobility clients,” Brad Ruhl, president and chief executive officer of Otto Bock US HealthCare, stated. “We are dedicated to our mission of improving mobility and independence, and we see this partnership as a key building block for success.”

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