Enhance Your Presence on the Internet with an Improved Website

ORLANDO , Fla. — There are more than 109.5 million different websites on the Internet and the average individual spends approximately 32 hours a month viewing them, according to Greg Bauer, CPO, president of Westcoast Brace & Limb. It is clear that that most of the population is on the Internet. But how do you draw them to your site?

“How do we reach the unreachable?” Bauer asked here at the 2010 American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association National Assembly.

Companies must walk before they can run. In order to reach and maintain your clientele, your website must contain the basics. According to Bauer, they are: company contact information, including physical address; company background; your credentials; hours of operation and even patient testimonials.

Now that you have a website with all the necessities, how do you plan to compete against the other companies’ sites in your field? Bauer recommended including links to reputable websites. The more links from reputable organizations, the more traffic will come to your site. The more traffic you obtain, the higher your ranking on search engines, which will bring even more traffic to your site.

“Linking strategies is probably one of the most important parts of building credibility,” Bauer said. “Request reciprocal links with a potential partner — if they are a reputable organization, you can post their link on your website and vice versa.”

In order to increase your website’s credibility, it is crucial to continually provide your audience with fresh content, according to Bauer.

“You want to make sure you have new data or new art, especially on your homepage,” he said.

Social media web sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach a wider audience. Bauer even suggested creating a page specifically designed for your clientele to blog about their experiences with your product or your company. This is a great source of content marketing, according to Bauer. Your company’s social media site should contain less promotion and more information.

“Provide educational videos for your audience,” Bauer suggested. “Provide a video center for the O&P community that includes a video library with ‘How To’ presentations.”

Company’s can still write press releases, send out newsletters or take part in giveaways for their target audiences. Bauer recommended companies that sponsor a fundraiser should volunteer their time and participate in them as well. All of these marketing tools, combined with a reputable and educational website, will help you reach a wider audience, according to Bauer.

“If you educate your clientele and build your site, you will enhance your presence on the web,” he said.

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