Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics Inc. Introduces New Post-Mastectomy Solutions

To focus directly on the needs of the post-mastectomy patient population, Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics is launching, as a separate patient care division, Symmetry. Symmetry will provide custom breast prosthetic solutions to women by using a precise, non-invasive scan procedure to restore each patient’s balance and symmetry.

The creation of the Symmetry division followed observations make by Wendy Carter, CFM, LPN at Ability P&O. According to a press release, women struggled post-surgery whether it was finding a mastectomy bra that was remotely comfortable or a silicone prosthesis that did not weigh them down. Carter made it her mission to locate a product for her patients that was not only innovative and less cumbersome but also functional and comfortable.

“The patient comes in and we do a scan of the chest wall, as well as a separate scan of the patient’s sound side to determine the correct breast size and shape by making a mirror image” Carter stated in the release, “Bilateral patients, however, have the option of being any size.”

The scan is emailed to a manufacturer, where a positive chest model is carved by a machine. The chest model is then forwarded to a company where artisans do the final fabrication of the custom breast prosthesis.

“I believe we have developed a great system, with the end product being exactly what I was seeking. The whole concept proved to be swift, efficient and effective,” Carter stated.

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