Breast Cancer Consortium to be Led by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

  Peggy L. Porter
  Peggy L. Porter

The National Cancer Institute has awarded $11.5 million to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to lead a 5-year, Seattle-based breast cancer research consortium. The goal of the endeavor is to positively impact breast cancer prevention, detection, treatment and care of women who have or are at risk for the disease.

Known as the Seattle Cancer Consortium Breast Specialized Program in Research Excellence (SPORE), the initiative will involve 25 investigators at the Hutchinson Center and the University of Washington (UW) as well as project consultants from a variety of institutions in the United States and abroad.

Co-principal investigators Peggy L. Porter, MD, and Martin (Mac) Cheever, MD, members of the Hutchinson Center’s divisions of human biology and clinical research, respectively, will lead the consortium.

“The collaborations that were formed between basic, clinical and translational scientists as part of the Hutchinson Center/University of Washington Cancer Consortium were key to the success of the breast cancer SPORE funding,” Porter, also a professor of pathology at the UW School of Medicine, stated in a press release.

Developing targeted breast cancer treatments is the unifying mission behind the consortium’s four scientific projects.

“Our mission is to provide unique breast cancer treatment options that are developed from the science at the Hutchinson Center and the UW,” Cheever, who is also a professor of medicine and associate director of medical oncology at UW, stated.

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