Build Relationships to Build Business

  David Nour
  David Nour

ORLANDO, Fla. — The most important element of any business is the
relationships you build, not simply the amount of contacts you generate.
Keynote speaker David Nour, MBA, joined the 2010 North American Pedorthic
on Friday morning to clarify the difference between networking, which
is agenda-driven, and building relationships, which is transformational.

This relationship focus is common practice in the rest of the world,
Nour said. Most other places, besides North America, people build relationships
first, and then focus on business. In America, however, people are so concerned
with making the next sale or securing a business deal that they worry little
about the person with whom they are closely working to finish that deal.

Nour injected humor into his presentation to demonstrate the value of
getting your audience to like and trust you — even if that audience is
just one person in a conversation. The pattern to follow is, “Like me,
Know me, Trust me, Pay me,” he said. Without that element of trust, you
lack credibility, and your audience lacks a source for reliable information and
products. That audience will find that information and those services
elsewhere. Business owners must be proactive with their patients and other

In reviewing your business success, Nour suggests mapping out the ups
and downs throughout the years, and pinpointing the circumstances surrounding
the low points.

“If you haven’t had any dips, what lessons have you
learned?” Nour said.

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