Wright & Filippis Enters Into Partnership Agreement with Orthocare Innovations

Wright & Filippis has entered into a partnership agreement with Orthocare Innovations. The agreement provides Wright & Filippis, which has 37 private clinics in the Midwest, special access to Orthocare’s evidence-based-practice technologies.

“This partnership comes at a perfect time in the industry,” Kurt Schlau, CP, Wright & Filippis director of prosthetics, stated in a press release. “It’s not often that new technology so clearly benefits not only the patient but also the clinician and third-party payers. It helps our clinicians to achieve better outcomes with alignment resulting in less stress on the patient’s residual limb, while offering evidence-based data to the payers that the proper components were provided to the patient and are being utilized to their potential.”

Wright & Filippis will have access to the Smart Pyramid instrumented prosthetic pyramid, the Compas prosthesis-alignment system and the Galileo clinical outcomes assessment platform. In addition, the partnership includes in-depth training and collaboration efforts with Orthocare Innovations’ reimbursement, clinical education, and marketing teams.

“We are incredibly pleased to have forged a strong working partnership with the team at Wright & Filippis,” Doug McCormack, Orthocare Innovations chief executive officer stated.

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