Stem Cell Therapy Could Potentially Save Diabetic Feet From Amputation

During the International Cellular Medicine Society Annual International Congress on Regenerative and Cell Based Medicine Conference held on Nov. 12, 2010 in Las Vegas, it was announced that a patient with complications of diabetes gangrene recovered from foot ulcers through stem cell therapy.

Sun Rae Cho from Chungbuk, South Korea suffered from complications of diabetes for 17 years before receiving stem cell treatment through adult stem cell therapeutics. According to Jeong Chan Ra, MD, chairman of RNL Bio Co., Cho experienced remarkable effects such as healed ulcers and improvement of tingling sensation on his feet last September.

After Cho was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in 1993, he was required to wear an insulin pump which he found debilitating. Since last May, Cho’s five toes began to swell and change color. There became increasingly large areas of pus and deep wounds on his feet. He was told by doctors that his legs would have to be amputated.

Cho was referred to RNL Bio to seek treatment with his preserved stem cells for treatment in mid-September. He traveled to China and Japan for infusions of 300 million stem cells on each foot. Just 10 days after Cho’s stem cell injection, doctors found nearly 80% improvement in pus and wounds. Twenty days later, an improvement of 90% was exhibited. As the wounds began to heal, the pain and tingling were no longer evident.

“In cases like Cho’s condition, patients can gain hope through stem cell therapy rather than facing the worst case scenario of having to get one’s leg amputated,” Ra stated in a press release. “There is continuous hope until the day comes where stem cell therapy will be available to anyone worldwide.”

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