Ryan Ball Joins OPGA Staff

  Ryan Ball
  Ryan Ball

Ryan Ball, a veteran political campaign consultant, has joined the staff of The Orthotic and Prosthetic Group of America (OPGA). His duties with OPGA will focus on government relations. His responsibilities will include tracking O&P-related legislation advancing through Congress, the creation of a government relations e-mail update series and a column in the OPGA Connection. He will also schedule presentations on the importance of staying up-to-date on pressing issues in Washington and increasing political activism within the O&P industry.

Ball brings a decade of political and governmental experience to OPGA and holds a degree in political science from the University of Iowa.

For the past several years, Ball has worked with and consulted for political campaigns of all levels of government, ranging from local city councils to federal Congressional elections. He has also lobbied the Iowa State Legislature on various issues.

“We are very excited to introduce a new member of the OPGA team.” Dennis Clark, president of OPGA, stated in a press release. “Technology in our profession is changing and evolving at a geometric rate. Technological changes are keeping pace with regulatory and policy changes in Washington. It can be difficult for most of us to understand. Ryan is an extraordinarily insightful, talented and passionate young man in the area of government regulation and policy. Having him as a member of our team at OPGA allows us to highlight government policies and regulations that will have a significant impact on the orthotic and prosthetic profession.”

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