WWA Names eXG Qualifier for Wakeboard Championships

The World Wakeboard Association (WWA) named the Extremity Games (eXG) as a qualifier for the new Adaptive Standing and Adaptive Sit-Boarding Divisions for the 2011 Rockstar WWA Wakeboard National Championships.

The two new WWA adaptive divisions are set to begin this upcoming season.

“The WWA is looking forward to our new partnership with Extremity Games and expanding our divisions at the 2011 Rockstar WWA Wakeboard National Championships,” Shannon Starling, WWA president, stated in a press release. “The level of wakeboarding that the riders in both of our two new adaptive divisions are able to accomplish is fascinating.”

“We look forward to providing the opportunity for adaptive athletes to compete at the next level,” Beth Taylor, executive director of Athletes with Disabilities Network, organizers of eXG, stated. “While you can brace a limb or replace a limb, there is no replacement for the competitive spirit. It’s great to see the athletes pushing themselves further every year.”

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