DJO Incorporated Becomes DJO Global Inc.

DJO Global Inc., previously DJO Incorporated, a global provider of
medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain
management, announced that it changed its name in recognition of the completion
of key milestones related to the integration of the operational and commercial
activities of its global businesses.

“The integration efforts we have made in recent years have
transformed DJO Global into a diversified medical device provider that is one
of the largest orthopedic rehabilitation companies in the world. We are well
positioned to take advantage of important trends developing in global health
care markets,” Les Cross, president and chief executive officer, DJO
Global, stated in a press release. “As pressure mounts to contain health
care costs, effective treatment modalities that are more conservative and cost
effective than traditional treatments will likely become more important. DJO
Global’s medical devices are well positioned for such treatment protocols
across the continuum of patient care from prevention to recovery.”

Since ReAble Therapeutics Inc. acquired DJO Incorporated and adopted the
name DJO Incorporated in 2007, the company has undertaken significant
consolidation and integration activities designed to create a scalable,
efficient infrastructure that enables it to provide a broad offering of
products and services globally. The integration allowed DJO Global to realize
significant cost savings and upgrade its capabilities in sales, marketing and
operations. Today, the company’s product portfolio consists of eight
global brands integrated into four reporting segments, including recovery
sciences, bracing and supports, surgical implant and international, which sells
all DJO Global brands outside the United States.

“In the last few years, we’ve focused on joining together a
large group of essentially independent businesses into a single company,”
Cross stated. “Our last integration step focused on horizontally
integrating our marketing and commercial shared services while maintaining our
vertically aligned brand-focused sellers. Together with our health care
provider customers, we enable people to regain the joy and comfort of natural

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