Physicians Release New Recommendations for Neuropathy Treatment

A leading panel of neurologists has issued new recommendations to help doctors offer the most up-to-date treatments for people with diabetic neuropathy. The guideline is published in Neurology.

“Diabetic neuropathy is a painful and life-altering condition, so we need to find ways to help people who are suffering with it. These new recommendations provide physicians and patients the latest information, based on sound clinical research, so they can make the best decisions about their care,” James Russell, MD, chief of neurology at the Baltimore VA Medical Center, professor of neurology, anatomy and neurobiology, director of the Maryland Peripheral Neuropathy Center at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and guideline author, stated in a press release.

The neurology panel did an extensive review of the best scientific studies to create the guideline and specific drug recommendations. The guideline shows strong evidence that the seizure drug pregabalin is effective in treating diabetic nerve pain and can improve quality of life. However, pregabalin may not be appropriate for all patients.

The guideline also found that several other treatments are probably effective, including the seizure drugs gabapentin and valproate, antidepressants such as venlafaxine, duloxetine and amitriptyline, and painkillers such as opioids and capsaicin. The researchers also concluded that transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation may be effective in treating diabetic nerve pain.

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