$17.5 Million in New Research Projects Launched to Stop MS

More than 2.1 million people live with the unpredictable challenges of multiple sclerosis (MS) worldwide. The National MS Society has committed $17.5 million to support 50 new research projects as part of its comprehensive strategy to stop MS, restore function that has been lost and end the disease forever. This financial commitment is part of the Society’s nearly $40 million 2011 investment in cutting-edge research projects.

To find the best research projects, the National MS Society relies on more than 70 world-class scientists. These scientists volunteer their time to carefully evaluate hundreds of proposals every year.

The new projects support the comprehensive research goals outlined in the the National MS Society’s 5-year strategic response, including an increased focus on understanding and stopping disease progression, supporting development of new therapies, identifying rehabilitation and other strategies to restore function and to attract more researchers and scientists to treating individuals with MS.

FDA-approved therapies can impact the underlying disease course in people with the more common forms of MS. However, none of these can stop or reverse the damage to restore function.

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