First Volley Receives Grant Funding for Camp No Limits Clinic

First Volley Adaptive Tennis, a program of OPAF and The First Clinics, has received grant funding from the United States Tennis Association New England for the Camp No Limits session in Rome, Maine. Grant funding will make it possible to provide two First Volley instructors for the afternoon event, along with supplies and prizes. This will be the fourth year that First Volley has been part of the Camp No Limits program in Maine.

“The kids and their families look forward to the First Volley tennis clinic every year,” Mary Leighton, OTR, executive director for Camp No Limits, stated in a press release. “It is a great sport that all campers can be successful whether they are missing an arm or leg or even both arms.”

Camp No Limits will be held at Pine Tree Camp in Rome, Maine from August 2-6.

“OPAF is excited to return to Camp No Limits and offer adaptive tennis to their campers each year,” Robin Burton, executive director for OPAF stated. “Their numbers continue to grow just as the popularity of First Volley has continued to grow since our inaugural clinic in 2005.”

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