RSLSteeper Opens Facility to Treat Plagiocephaly

RSLSteeper, the UK’s leading provider of clinically effective prosthetics and orthotics services, has launched Steeper Clinic in Kingston Upon Thames. The new center treats babies with head shape abnormalities such as deformational plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

The facility builds on the success of Steeper Clinic in Leeds, which was launched in November 2010. Steeper Clinic offers a free, no obligation consultation service to parents, provided by an experienced team of pediatric orthotists.

In addition to advice and diagnosis, it also provides a complete treatment service for the condition, which includes the use of repositioning techniques like tummy time and the use of STARband cranial remolding orthoses.

“Deformational plagiocephaly is becoming increasingly common in the UK, and the NHS does not currently fund treatment for the condition as it is seen as a purely cosmetic issue,” Kate Chauhan, clinical specialist orthotist at Steeper Clinic, stated in a press release. “This is despite growing evidence that plagiocephaly can increase the risk of developing associated problems later on in life in severe cases.”

More than 125,000 babies have been successfully treated using STARband cranial remolding orthoses worldwide, according to the release.

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