Nabtesco and Proteor Announce US Partnership

Nabtesco and Proteor have entered into a partnership to expand their businesses into the United States.

Japan-based Nabtesco has interests in the fields of motion control and hydraulics, and specifically manual and microprocessor knees. Proteor operates more than 40 O&P patient care facilities in France and researches, develops, manufactures and distributes products internationally.

Leslie Roberts, CP, MSS will serve the partnership as the primary contact in the US, according to a press release.

Roberts, who completed her prosthetics studies at Northwestern University, will serve as the clinical and technical services manager. She will head clinical education efforts, work with national distributors and conduct workshops and CEU courses.

“Their components will have a tremendous impact on amputees in the US,” Roberts said of the partnership. “Until this point, these companies have not had a consistent voice to educate US practitioners. I’m excited to be that voice,” she stated in the release.

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