Otto Bock Returns as OPAF Gold Level Sponsor

The Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation announced that Otto Bock Healthcare is returning as a 2012 Gold Level Sponsor for OPAF and The First Clinics.

“Otto Bock’s continued and ongoing support for OPAF and The First Clinics is vital to the growth and sustenance of our organization,” Robin Burton, OPAF executive director, stated in a press release.

This is Otto Bock’s fifth consecutive year as a Gold Sponsor. Otto Bock recently worked with OPAF on T.O.D.D. Field Day, an event created in memory of Otto Bock’s late vice president of clinical education, Todd Anderson.

“Mixing Otto Bock employees and people with all sorts of abilities and experiences together was moving and fun,” Karen Lundquist, Otto Bock’s regional director of communications in North America, said in the release. “The work OPAF does to reach people around the country and help them expand their horizons fits so well with our mission. It is a perfect partnership.”

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