Hanger Announces Winners of Inaugural James Edward Hanger Awards

Hanger Orthopedics announced the recipients of the first James Edward Hanger Awards of Excellence at its annual Education Fair and National Meeting in Las Vegas. The categories include collaboration, customer service, clinical excellence, leadership, pioneering innovation and strategic flexibility.

Hanger’s Merger and Acquisition team, Mike Schlesinger, Craig Wright, Robert Rock, Margaret Boren and Jeff Martin, received the Collaboration award.

Randy Richardson, who was recognized for his development of Hanger’s Amputee Rehabilitation Program for wounded soldiers, received the award for Customer Service.

The Clinical Excellence award was given to Brian Heckathorn, CPO from Easton, Mass. and Matthew Luetke, CPO from Kansas City, Kan.

Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP received the Leadership award for his innovative and exemplary contributions to Hanger and its patients.

Steve Miller, CPO, Mike Duston, CP, John Rheinstein, CP, FAAOP, Anthony Potter, Shonn Goodwin, Stacey Whiteside, CO, Al Maciunas, CPO, FAAOP, Lori Pipinich, CP and Wallis Faraday, LP, CP received the Pioneering Innovation award. They were recognized for their development of the AmpuShield program, a coordinated approach for early identification of amputees, expedited care, innovative protective devices and follow-up care.

Dan Ruppa and Antony Ricketts were awarded in the Strategic Flexibility category. Ruppa was recognized for his work in the Innovative Neurotronics unit, and Ricketts was awarded for his role as the chief financial officer of the Accelerated Care Plus division.

All of the award recipients were honored at the Hanger Gala on Feb. 3.

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