Össur releases first quarter report

Össur announced a 5% sales growth for the first quarter of 2012. Sales totaled $100 million, compared with $97 million from the first quarter of 2011. Prosthetic sales saw a 7% increase.

Net profit amounted to $10 million, or 10% of sales, which was a 22% increase compared with the first quarter of 2011. During this quarter, eight new products and product upgrades were launched, included a redesigned version of the Proprio Foot.

“The sales growth in the first quarter was good and in line with our guidance for the full year. As in past quarters all segments and regions are contributing to the growth, with yet another quarter where EMEA is delivering strong overall growth,”  Jón Sigurðsson, president and chief executive officer, stated in a company press release. “Among major milestones last year was the introduction of Symbionic Leg, our latest addition to the Company’s comprehensive bionic platform. During the first quarter, the Symbionic Leg has been well received by the market and feedback is positive.”

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