Motion Control receives grant for prosthetic research

Motion Control Inc., a Fillauer company, has been awarded a $2.3 million grant from the US Dept. of the Army. The grant is for the development of a new modular prosthesis system.

“This funding will allow Motion Control to continue the evolution to a new generation of work-type, reliable prosthetic limbs for practical fittings, which can allow wounded service members to return to their work assignments and participate in other rugged activities,” company president Harold Sears, PhD, stated in a press release.

The grant emphasizes the development of a high technology yet practical product that could be used by injured soldiers in near-term applications. Parts of the new prosthetic system are expected to be available within 2 years, with the entire project development scheduled for 4 years.

“The Motion Control Electric Terminal Device (ETD) is currently used by most military personnel who have lost an arm, due to its practicality and ruggedness, and is the only truly water resistant electric arm component on the market,” added Sears. “We are proud that our Salt Lake-based company can play a critical role in this important work to aid our military.”

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