Increased stress associated with orthosis wear among patients, parents

Young patients who wear a body orthosis for the treatment of scoliosis and their parents experience increased stress levels. However, parents tend to overestimate the stress associated with scoliosis, according to recent study results.

Sixty-three girls who wore a Cheneau torso brace for conservative treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and their parents filled out questionnaires relating to emotional stress associated with brace treatment and with scoliosis. After 14 months of treatment, both patients and parents expressed a moderate level of stress related to wearing a brace. However, patients expressed a low level of stress to scoliosis, while their parents recorded a moderate level of stress to scoliosis.

“Patients and parents perceive the emotional stress related to brace treatment in the same way; however, parents overestimate the assessment of stress levels related to body deformity,” the researchers concluded. “From the perspective of patients and parents, brace wearing increased the level of stress induced by the deformity alone. Complete assessment of conservative treatment should include evaluation of emotional stress from the perspective of patients and parents.”

For more information:

Misterska E. Spine. 2012;doi:10.1097/BRS.0b013e31824b66d4.

Disclosure: The researchers report no relevant financial disclosures.

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