Connect Virtually for a Real-time Advantage

My cousin Tricia is a personal trainer in New York City. I could
seriously use a personal trainer and who better than my cousin? Problem is she
won’t travel to the eastern end of Long Island and I’m not making a
150 mile round trip to the city just to work out. I said to myself — yes,
I do talk to myself on occasion — “wouldn’t it be great if she
would do sessions by Skype?” I never mentioned it to her because that
would mean if she said yes, I’d actually have to do it.

Lo and behold I logged onto Facebook and my friend Jennifer Fayter had a
posting about her trainer who does just that…virtual training sessions.
Makes perfect sense to me. Especially now that everyone and their grandmother
has a smart phone or a tablet. My question to you is this. Do you offer any of
your services virtually?

Virtual service

I see an unending list of things you could offer virtually or remotely.
Everything from office visits to customer service to tech support to billing

Connect Virtually for a Real-time Advantage

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For example, when a patient comes in for an emergency appointment and
all you, the practitioner, had to do was take one look at their cervical collar
and say “You’ve got it on upside down.”

Or if you, a central fabrication facility, received a cast from that one
particular practitioner and you think to yourself, “I just wish I could
show him or her how to take a better cast.”

Elizabeth Mansfield

Elizabeth Mansfield


Or if you, the sales rep, show up for a scheduled appointment and the
front office staff says the practitioner had to make an emergency hospital call
and you’ll have to reschedule, and you know you won’t be back in the
area for months.

Why not connect virtually instead?

More face time

You even have choices as to what you want to use. There is Skype or
FaceTime if you want to video chat. You can do it from your desktop, iPad,
Android, tablet, iPhone. It is easy and free.

I’ve Skyped using my iPad from the beach in Hawaii for the PacRim
meeting. Of course it was just to rub it in that I was in Hawaii in January for
an O&P meeting, so I probably would have tried to make it work no matter
what but, trust me, it was simple and worked like a charm.

Are you connecting virtually? Email me at and
let me know.

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