Forbes names Hanger one of 100 Best Small Companies in the US

Forbes named Hanger Inc., one of the 100 Best Small Companies in America and ranked the company at number 5 in the category “Best Small Companies Hiring in the US,” according to a press release.

The annual Forbes rankings are based on earnings growth, sales growth and return on equity in the past 12 months and over 5 years. Companies must have been publicly traded for at least a year, earn annual revenue between $5 million and $1 billion and have a stock price no lower than $5 a share.

“We are honored to be named to Forbes’ esteemed 100 Best Small Companies list,” Vinit K. Asar, president and chief executive officer of Hanger, said in the release. “By focusing on the delivery of quality patient care and the advancement of innovative technology, while also anticipating trends in future patient populations, Hanger has been able to achieve sustainable growth despite these challenging times of the recession. This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts of our more than 4,700 employees; it is their commitment to doing right by our patients and customers that continues to drive shareholder value.”

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