Parker Hannifin Corporation announced that it will market its new exoskeleton device under the name Indego, according to a news release.

Parker recently entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Vanderbilt University to develop, manufacture and sell the device, which is intended to help individuals with severe spinal cord injuries walk and enhance rehabilitation for post-stroke patients.

Indego weighs 27 pounds and has a slim profile with no footplates or backpack components, which allows it to be worn while in a wheelchair. The device incorporates functional electrical stimulation and also has automatically adjusting robotic controls for users who have some muscle control in their legs.

“The design objective of the team has always been to provide a solution that functions as a natural extension of the user,” Craig Maxwell, vice president of technology and innovation for Parker, stated in the release. “Indego’s compact, lightweight and intuitive design creates a seamless interface between man and machine. These features will become increasingly important as we extend availability of the device beyond the clinical setting and into the personal mobility space.”

Indego is being tested and refined at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, and patient and clinician feedback has been positive. Parker hopes to commercially release Indego in 2014.

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