LAS VEGAS — Patient advocates are an important resource for new amputees, especially in the pediatric population, according to a presentation at the Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting, here.

Carrie Davis, an upper extremity patient advocate for Hanger, discussed the many benefits that patient advocates provide for new amputees, including answering questions, introducing opportunities for amputees and providing a positive role model.

“How do you break through to your pediatric patients? You bring in your successful adults patients and have them show them the technology and the possibilities,” Davis said. “Bring them into the appointments with those new pediatric patients and show them the prosthesis and have them touch it and watch how it moves.”

Patient advocates are also helpful for the patient’s family and can help parents connect with other parents of amputees.

“Mentors help the whole family,” Davis said. “They answer questions about prostheses and provide personal experiences, and they can offer tips about how to deal with children and judgement and staring.”

Davis C. Pediatric prosthetics symposium. Presented at The Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting; Feb.5-7, 2013; Las Vegas.

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