LAS VEGAS — Fitting children for prosthetic sockets can present many challenges, according to a presentation by Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP, vice president of prosthetics for Hanger Clinic and John Dieli, CPO, clinical manager of Hanger’s Methuen, Mass. clinic, at the Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting, here.

“Children grow very quickly, and we as clinicians are trying to determine the best way to manage these kids and be successful with their rehabilitation,” Carroll said.

According to Dieli, it is important to remember that the child’s socket design may need to be redesigned as the child grows.

“Children grow so quickly, so when you first fit them, you may think, ‘This is the perfect socket for this child,’” Dieli said. “But as the child grows and gets heavier, you may have to redesign how you are going to fit that prosthesis.”

The child’s parents should be involved throughout the entire fitting process. Carroll also recommended encouraging children to get involved with physical activity as soon as they are able.

For more information:

Carroll K. Pediatric amputee athletics. Presented at The Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting; Feb.5-7, 2013; Las Vegas.

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