Cupron develops antifungal sock for patients with diabetes

Cupron announced the development of an antifungal sock for patients with diabetes called the Pro Therapy System.

Made with a copper, the antifungal technology is embedded in the fibers of the sock, and as a result, its effectiveness will not diminish over time, according to a press release. The sock effectively kills 99.9% of athlete’s foot fungus after 12 hours of wear.

“Copper offers natural antimicrobial and skin enhancement benefits. Cupron’s copper technology brings these benefits to everyday products and offers a range of health benefits, particularly for those at a higher risk of infection,” Chris Andrews, president of Americas, Cupron, stated. “Antifungal benefits are critical to persons with diabetes, especially given how potentially severe a foot infection can be to them.”

Cupron’s copper-based technology has received the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approval to allow for a variety of marketing initiatives in the near future.

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