Össur launches custom knee orthosis app

Össur announced the launch of SmartMeasure, an interactive, photo-based app intended to help clinicians select, measure and submit specifications for patients needing custom knee orthoses.

According to a press release, the SmartMeasure digital measuring system is intended to make custom orthosis measuring and ordering more intuitive, efficient and accurate, with pre-established data fields that ensure critical metrics are recorded. Össur later converts the SmartMeasure data into individual 3-dimensional leg models, which are used to create custom orthoses based on a patient’s body size, anatomical characteristics and functional requirements.

The SmartMeasure app also includes embedded tutorials that provide guidance on patient positioning, making anatomical landmarks and circumference measurements and menus so clinicians can easily input specifications and submit online orders for any of Össur’s custom orthoses.

The SmartMeasure app is currently configured to work on the iPhone and iPad platforms, and is available as a free download by US and Canadian clinicians from the Apple iTunes store.

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