Coyote Design promotes, hires new employees

Coyote has promoted three employees and hired two more as part of its continued expansion.

Wendy Hosac, who joined Coyote in 2011 as an administrative assistant before being promoted to office manager, has been promoted to director of customer service. Hosac will oversee customer service and other marketing efforts for the company.

Paul Krigbaum was promoted to warehouse manager, after starting in 2011 as a product assembler. Krigbaum will oversee warehouse operations, including inventory tracking and product quality inspections.

Josh McDevitt joined Coyote’s R&D department 2 years ago working on CNC machining and design and will assume the role of director of manufacturing. McDevitt also manages purchasing, inventory and quality control.

Coyote hired Sean Spangler as the new lab manager. Spangler will assist with fabrication assistance and instruction as well as contribute to more robust online video instruction for Coyote products. Spangler will be involved in the launch of a new central fabrication service and a large educational initiative to be launched in 2014.

Mostafa Rejebi will join Coyote as a warehouse assistant. Rejebi recently moved to the United States from Turkey, where he worked as a metal worker.

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