ORLANDO, Fla. — Patient evaluations, clinical documentation and patient, physician and payer education are critical aspects of patient care, according to a presentation during the Hamontree Lecture Series.

“When you take those opportunities to follow up with your patient and couple that with documentation, you create opportunities for growth and added value in your practice,” Bret Bostock, CO, said. “Documentation is one of the most important things. It helps us to figure out what patients need, why they need it and how we are going to deliver it.”


Bret Bostock

In order to deliver the highest level of patient care, practitioners must be diligent about documenting patient care, as well as continually following up with patients, Bostock, who is practice manager for Hanger Orthopedic Group, said. He also stressed the importance of communicating with and educating physicians and payers to ensure delivery of the necessary devices. Practitioners should effectively communicate why a patient needs the device, why it is a medical necessity, why it is being recommended and the benefits of the device and how it will replace or enhance function.

“Remember that your documents are key, and I think this is more important now than ever,” Bostock said. “Every decision you make will be weighed against your documents.”

For more information:

Bostock B. Comprehensive evaluations, documentation and education are worth more than any device. Presented at: O&P World Congress. Sept. 18-21, 2013. Orlando, Fla.

Disclosure: Bostock has no relevant disclosures.

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