People with disabilities hired at increasing rate

People with disabilities were hired at a higher percentage in 2012 than at any point in the last 32 years, according to a report released by the US Office of Personnel Management.

Additionally, more people with disabilities were employed in federal service in 2012 than at any time during the last 32 years.

According to the report, of new hires in fiscal year 2012, 16.31% were people with disabilities, up from 14.65% in 2011. Federal employees with disabilities, including veterans, represented 11.89% of the overall workforce in 2012.

“People with disabilities are a vital part of the federal workforce, as we are better able to serve the American people because of the talents and experience they bring to the table,” Katherine Archuleta, director of the US Office of Personnel Management, stated in a press release. “Since President Obama issued his Executive Order in 2010, we’ve made substantial progress in hiring and maintaining people with disabilities over the past 3 years. This work is enabling the federal government to continue to develop as a model employer for people with disabilities.”

For more information:

Employment of people with disabilities in the federal executive branch FY 2012 report. Available here. Accessed Dec. 20, 2013.

Disclosure: Archuleta is employed by the US Office of Personnel Management.

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