New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems opens new patient care center

New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems LLC has announced the opening of its newest patient care center located in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

The facility will be staffed by Kimberly Hertz, BOCO, cFOM, CMF, COA, practice manager, and David Zwissler, BOCO BOCP. Zwissler was formerly with Mid-Hudson Orthopedic Group in Poughkeepsie and has served the local medical community for more than 25 years.

“We were asked to come into the Poughkeepsie area by the local medical community to better serve their many patients with orthotic and prosthetic patient care services,” Hertz stated in a press release. “We have already experienced a very warm welcome and enthusiastic support from the local medical community and their patients.”

“Kimberly is one of our most passionate and dedicated clinicians,” Ron Manganiello, founder and chief executive officer of New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems (NEOPS), stated in the release. “She sees a wide variety of patients, from straight forward ankle injuries to the most complex pediatric and prosthetic cases; people who need the highest level of expertise and care.”

NEOPS offers a complete line of orthotic and prosthetic products and services, including cranial helmets, high-tech prosthetics, functional electrical stimulation, pediatric orthotics, and mobility solutions for many different types of injuries, physical challenges and disabilities. The Poughkeepsie facility is the first in the region to introduce the BioSculptor computerized scanning system to ensure proper fitting and enhanced function for the patient.

The patient care center is located at 4 Jefferson St., Suite 200. For more information, contact Ashley Sisk at

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