Advocacy groups mobilize for Limb Loss Awareness Month

The Amputee Coalition and the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) are holding events in April to promote Limb Loss Awareness Month.

Amputee support groups across the country are holding walk/run/roll events in their communities to benefit the Amputee Coalition’s mission of empowerment. On Saturday, April 26, the Coalition encourages all amputees to wear their prosthesis publicly and post pictures on its Facebook page.

At noon on April 21, AOPA will host a charity walk, beginning at 330 John Carlyle St., Alexandria, Va. This event will include lunch, awards, special recognition for participants, supporters and sponsors, and raise funds for the Amputee Coalition youth camp.

In April 2012, President Barack Obama signaled his support of federal and state recognition of Limb Loss Awareness Month.  This support has raised public awareness about limb loss, and has helped the Coalition persist in its mission in providing education and prevention, according to Abra Hogarth, marketing and communications director for the Amputee Coalition.


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