3D Systems completes pilot program for scoliosis orthosis

3D Systems has successfully completed a pilot program for its new Bespoke Brace, a customized, 3-D printed orthosis for children and young adults with idiopathic scoliosis.

Researchers tested the orthosis in 22 patients at Children’s Hospital of Oakland, who reported strong levels of wear and compliance, according to a press release.

To create the orthosis, a digitized, customized prototype check-socket orthosis is manipulated and adjusted to suit the patient’s needs. The final orthosis is then 3-D printed using selective laser sintering.

“It will take data to convince the insurers and medical community the value of this technology, but common sense dictates that if the children like their braces and are more comfortable wearing the devices, we will see higher compliance and greater success,” James Policy, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine, stated in the release. “The early data from our pilot study appears to support this. The Bespoke Brace promises to be an important advancement for these children.”

Disclosure: Policy has no relevant financial disclosures.

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