Free smartphone app aids amputee rehabilitation

Ottobock has released its new smartphone app, “Fitness for Amputees,” to support rehabilitation in lower limb prosthesis users, according to a company press release.

The app includes two sets of eight exercises in the areas of strength, endurance, coordination and balance, and aims to help users achieve mobility with a self-managed workout regimen. 

The first segment of the app targets leg, stomach, back and arm muscles by demonstrating strength and endurance training without the prosthesis.

The second segment focuses on balance and coordination while wearing the prosthesis and includes simple movement sequences  to help users gain better control.

Three levels of intensity for each exercise, moving images, statistics that track progress, optional alarm reminders and text to guide the user though training are also included.

The app is not tied to a specific prosthetic product and does not require users to purchase any special equipment. It can also be configured to match a personal training or therapy plan.

“At Ottobock we are continuously striving for the best outcomes possible with intentional focus on rehabilitation and aftercare,” Byron Backus, CP, Ottobock clinical specialist, stated in the release.

The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and is currently available in the Apple iTunes Store.

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