Össur announces dates for Mobility Clinics

Össur is offering six Mobility Clinics across the United States, a series of free, specialized workshops designed to enhance lower limb amputees’ experience in sports and recreational activities.

Offered by the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), the Össur Mobility Clinics feature a hands-on experience during a half-day session. According to a press release, participants will learn functional gait techniques to maximize prosthetic capabilities and movement in multiple directions. Attendees who wish to explore higher activity levels can also learn safe ways to improve speed and balance, and practice leg-over-leg running mechanics and training skills for activity-specific exercises. Each amputee will be paired with designated clinical volunteers during the event, who provide personalized guidance on proper gait form, offer physical support when needed and ensure participants maintain appropriate exertion levels.

“Össur is proud to have partnered with CAF for more than 15 years,” Kim De Roy, CPO/PT, vice president of sales and marketing and education, prosthetics, of Össur America, stated in the release. “By working with individuals, clinicians and diverse communities, we remain dedicated to providing the best technologies to help more people enjoy a life without limitations.”

A full schedule of the 2014 Mobility Clinics can be found at http://ossur.com/mobilityclinics.

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