Amputee Coalition to provide website accessibility services from AudioEye

AudioEye Inc. has signed a contract to provide The Amputee Coalition with Audio Internet website accessibility technology.

AudioEye will provide full access to the Amputee Coalition’s online content, anonymously, to any user who has a disability or is in need of assistive technology to interact with the Internet. According to an AudioEye press release, its Internet accessibility technology meets U.S. mandates and international standards, including WCAG 2.0, the 21st Century Communications Act of 2010, and Sections 508 and 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with international laws and regulations.

“The Amputee Coalition is committed to making our traditional and mobile websites, services and programs as accessible as possible, and we are grateful for the help of AudioEye in this regard,” Susan Stout, interim president and CEO of the Amputee Coalition, stated in the release. “The Audio Internet will allow us to achieve our goals much more efficiently by providing user-friendly technology that allows amputees to fully participate in online communications and commerce.”

“This represents a highly important deployment for AudioEye, as our technology continues to evolve as the de facto standard in Internet and mobile website accessibility,” Nathaniel Bradley, AudioEye Inc. CEO, stated. “The Amputee Coalition’s work can now more effectively provide amputees with critical recovery information, updates and information on the fight for fair insurance laws, and tips to make living with limb loss easier. The Amputee Coalition’s work impacts lives every day, and we are proud to enhance Internet accessibility for the organization’s constituents through our patented systems.”

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