e-NABLE to host ‘Prosthetists Meet 3-D Printers’ event

Prosthetists, policymakers, patients and parents are invited to the learn more about the crowd-sourced innovation creating inexpensive 3-D printed hands at e-NABLE’s upcoming conference, “Prosthetists Meet 3D Printers: Mainstreaming Open Source 3-D Printed Products for Underserved Populations. The conference will take place Sept. 28 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and is open to the public.

“This should be a watershed event for the prosthetics and 3-D printing industries as well as for volunteers, academics and policymakers helping to democratize access and accelerate innovation in prosthetics and humanitarian technological collaboration,” Jon Schull, e-NABLE founder and research scientist at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Center for MAGIC (Media Arts Games Interaction and Creativity), stated in a press release.

Attendees will attend hands-on workshops and learn how to print and assemble 3-D printed prosthetic hands. Presentations will be offered by medical and industry leaders, innovators, parents and policy analysts. There will be a forum on policy recommendations and strategies. e-NABLE also will unveil its new e-NABLE 2.0 Hand.

“e-NABLE’s collaborative approach to design and democratization of 3-D printed prosthetics could significantly improve millions of lives worldwide,” Albert Chi, MD, MS, FACS, trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, stated in the press release. “Now is the time to bring these technologies and practices into mainstream medicine.”

Registration is free for families with a child receiving a device as well as for veterans and Wounded Warriors.

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