OPIE Software introduces new O&P network

OPIE Software introduced The OPIE Choice Network at the American Orthotic Prosthetic Association National Assembly to bring together independent patient care facilities to collaborate and work collectively.

According to a company press release, the new network of independent O&P practices from the United States was designed to stimulate collaboration, develop collective efforts and utilize data to drive the entire O&P profession forward. The OPIE Choice Network provides a range of services to optimize the success of its members’ practices while increasing the focus on data in all aspects of an operation, including business analytics software tools, management dashboards, collaborative product procurement through a group purchasing organization, aggregation of  patient outcome data, billing and collection services and central fabrication integration.

“There have been many different networks throughout the history of our field, and many have helped practices in limited ways. However, the changing health care world is forcing every provider to adapt the way in which they do business by focusing more on documenting patients outcomes through the use of data,” Paul Prusakowski, CPO, FAAOP, CEO of OPIE Software, stated in the release. “We have created The OPIE Choice Network with a vision to utilize software technology to leverage the data from our practice to optimize how we care for patients, how we communicate with referral sources and how we explain the value of our services to payers.”

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