PrimeCare O&P Network merges with Reliacare Alliance IPA

PrimeCare O&P Network has joined with Reliacare Alliance IPA, a privately held benefits management company that serves the health plan, workers’ compensation and self-insured funds markets.

In the merger, attention will be brought to the education of decision makers, case managers and adjusters, as well as the Reliacare staff, about prosthetics and orthotics with onsite modules with presentations from certified practitioners and patient models. PrimeCare will continue to provide services to the O&P profession and keep a primary focus on contracting with health plans, TPAs and other payers and bringing those contracts to O&P facilities.

“While simply reducing the overall provider reimbursement rates can provide marginal offset in a health plan’s financial exposure, these are short sighted opportunities which generally result in a network which is unwilling to accept the most deeply discounted cases,” Martin Stein, managing director of Reliacare, stated in a press release. “Our flexibility allows us to maintain both a right sized network and right size fee scheduling, which is ultimately where a plan’s savings lie.”

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