Legs4Africa collects prostheses for Christmas shipment

Registered European Union charity Legs4Africa is collecting prosthetic legs, with a goal of shipping 1,000 prostheses to The Gambia before Christmas.

Legs4Africa will collect prostheses donations from individual amputee donors as well as hospital units to be sent on Dec. 14. Once the prostheses are sent to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul, The Gambia, they will be modified for their new owners.

“After this shipment The Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in The Gambia will have received over 1,500 prosthetic legs from [Legs4Africa] so we would like to start expanding our efforts to other African countries where amputation is a problem,” Tom Williams, Legs4Africa founder, stated in a press release. “We are hoping that if we can raise more than the 2,000 pounds [about $3,134] needed to get these legs shipped out, that we can visit a unit in Ghana and Mali which we would like to start working with.”

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