Research group, university teaming to develop bionic arm

Researchers from the University of Auckland Bioengineering Institute and Fraunhofer, a Germany-based research organization, are collaborating to develop a bionic arm.

The Bionic Joint is a human exoskeleton that combines novel wearable sensor technology with mechanisms that can measure and enable movement. The device is intended reduce workplace injury and assist stroke patients in lifting heavy objects or performing repetitive tasks. It will also be used as a rehabilitation tool, according to a news release.

A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed at the University of Auckland, and Germany will continue to provide research and manufacturing capabilities for the project.

“This is an extremely exciting project and the new agreement with Fraunhofer really does put the University of Auckland at the center of this pioneering technology,” Peter Hunter, PhD, MNZM, Oxf, ME, FRSNZ FRS, professor at the University of Auckland, stated in the release. “We believe the potential benefits of exoskeleton motion technology for people affected by strokes and other injuries will be substantial.”

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